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  1. ÚLTIMAS 6400 Music Production Laptop

    ÚLTIMAS 6400 Music Production Laptop

    From: £1,206.00

    To: £8,545.00

    Our range of world-beating Evolution laptops is to be superceded by another new benchmark in mobile audio recording and music production. Our new ÚLTIMAS range will be with us very soon. See the picture for a preview of these fantastic new machines!

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  2. Music-PC Ultimas 1600 Laptop Front

    ÚLTIMAS 1600 Audio Production Laptop

    From: £956.00

    To: £6,432.00

    Our range of world-beating Evolution laptops is to be superceded by another new benchmark in mobile audio recording and music production. Our new ULTIMAS range is available now!

    Ultimas is the new benchmark for music production on the move. Featuring the very latest 6th generation Intel processors and multiple on board storage options Ultimas delivers the power you need to get the very best from today’s DAW software such as ProTools and Cubase in a beautifully designed console. With memory capacity up to 32GB and memory speeds up to a lightning fast 2400GHz you can expand your creativity even beyond the reach of most desktop computers!

    Choose Ultimas 1600 for compact lightweight performance on the move with 2 internal HD and full HD display and upto 16GB memory. 

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  3. Vortex Ultimate - 8 Core Music-PC Upto 64GB DDR4 RAM

    Vortex Ultimate - 8 Core Music-PC Upto 64GB DDR4 RAM

    From: £1,594.98

    To: £6,843.96

    New VORTEX ULTIMATE 8-CORE Mega-Music-PC. with the new Intel 5960X 8 Core Processor at 3.00GHz with DDR4 Memory this is now the fastest PC on our website. Watch it as it silently eats its way through massive number-crunching duties so that even your most processing-intensive sessions are a breeze! More speed. More bandwidth. More efficient. With next generation DDR4 memory! and new Socket LGA 2011-3 Architecture that leverages the incredible power of the new 8 core Intel processors.

    Main Features :


    • New Intel X-99 Chipset
    • Intel 5960X 8 Core Processor at 3GHz
    • DDR4 Memory clocking at 2133MHz
    • Stunning Performace for a Desktop / Tower PC
    • Top Quality Branded components throughout.


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  4. Silent Stone Mini ITX Digital Audio Workstation

    Silent Stone Mini ITX Digital Audio Workstation

    From: £646.00

    To: £3,362.99


    Our Silent Stone Series computers with their advanced design and inherent cooling qualities enable the use of cutting-edge intel processors in a very small footprint PC that is quiet yet extremely powerful.

    Now the beast of a computer doesn't need to take up your whole floor. Now your powerful Intel Core i7 powered DAW can sit on the shelf next to your monitor and take up no more room than a DVD case!

    Our new powerful mini computers feature FULL socket 1150 processor support for all Intel's latest 4th generation CPUs so you get the power and the performance without the huge case and noise and the heat!

    Our system here comprises 4GB DDR3 memory with 500GB 7200 RPM hard disk with Intel i3 processor at 3.6GHz. But you can easily upgrade the processor, the RAM and the HD to your choice and budget.

    Don't think that this little brute won't be powerful. It's just as powerful as any desktop PC with the same processor!

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  5. Steinberg Cubase Pro 9.5 DAW Software
    Steinberg Cubase Pro 9.5 DAW Software Learn More
  6. Cubase Ultimate  6 / 8 / 10 Core Music Workstation

    Cubase Ultimate 6 / 8 / 10 Core Music Workstation

    From: £1,356.98

    To: £10,791.94

    Cubase Ultimate Music-PC is designed to fulfill the requirements of even the most power-hungry creative musician. Our Cubase Ultimate Music-PC delivers exceptional power and performance but is stilol incredibly quiet - so quiet you can even record with condenser microphones in the same room! The Cubase Ultimate Music-PC has the very latest technologies and the fastest processors and hard drives. If you require even faster performance then let us know and we can build the machine of your dreams! Cubase Ultimate Music-PC main features:

    • Based on the vortex Ultimate 6 core powerhouse.
    • Choose from a wide range of audio interfaces and music production software
    • Stylish and Quiet Fractal Design R3 case with a choice of colours
    • Latest Intel 6 Core CPU's 
    • Quad channel memory supporting upto 32GB ddr3 1600
    • Super fast SSD drives offer lightning fast startup and load times
    • Award winning Noctua Cooler
    • USB3 and Sata 6 as standard
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  7. Vortex Ultimate - 6 Core Upto 64GB RAM

    Vortex Ultimate - 6 Core Upto 64GB RAM

    From: £1,335.82

    To: £8,243.25

    OK, The gloves are off!


    The Vortex Ultimate is our flagship power house PC and the culmination of advances in computer technology teamed with over 20 years' of design experience from our team at

    With up to 64GB of RAM, 6 Core Intel processor and solid-state drives, the Vortex Ultimate is the most powerful music PC we have ever produced.

    Plus - fan free graphics cards, quiet coolers and power supplies and acoustically insulated cases make the Vortex Ultimate almost completely silent in operation. 

    It is quite simply the finest,  music production computer you can buy!

    All components are selected for acoustic properties and reliability for the perfect balance of raw processing power and near silent operation.


    • Incorporating cutting edge tech from intel
    • Quad channel memory upto 64GB to make Windows absolutely fly along!
    • 6 Core cpu with 8 CPUs coming soon.
    • Latest Intel X79 chipset
    • USB 3 and Sata 6 as standard
    • Powered Esata port
    • Choice of 4 colours on the acoustic lined case
    • 1 PCI slot 
    • Choice of Ultra fast SSD or super silent HDD
    • Award winning coolers
    • 80+ PSU chosen for super quiet Acoustics.


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  8. Cubase Pro 8 Vortex Digital Audio Workstation

    Cubase Pro 8 Vortex Digital Audio Workstation

    From: £711.98

    To: £3,984.97

    Built with the same care and precision as our studio machines, the Cubase 8 Pro Vortex Digital Audio Workstation offers professional performance and reliability at a very low cost. All of our music computers are built from scratch for each customer's particular order, our technicians carefully assemble each computer, install your software and hardware, and then perform extensive tests before signing off each music-pc. The Cubase 8 Pro Vortex Digital Audio Workstation is optimised for use as a digital audio workstation using Cubase 8 Pro software  - you can customise your system using any of the options below - if the configuration you require is not possible please call us or click the chat button below and we'll get back to you immediately during office hours. For full spec's see bottom of page.

    • Optimised for use with Cubase 8
    • Latest Asus Z170 motherboard for excellent compatibility, reliability and performance
    • Choice of the latest Intel 6th Generation processors !
    • 4GB DDR4 2400Mhz System Memory (upgradeable)
    • Dual Output Grahics Adaptor
    • DVD Writer
    • Solid State System Drive 
    • 10 USB Ports
    • Windows 10 64 bit Installed and Configured for DAW use
    • Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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  9. Ableton Digital Workstation

    Ableton Digital Workstation

    From: £473.14

    To: £3,085.95

    Vortex Classic I3-2100, 4GB DDR3 1333 , 500gb HDD configured and optimisd for Ableton Live software.

    The Vortex Classic is based around the Asus P8H61-V Motherboard Supporting the 2nd Generation Intel Core I3 , I5 and I7 cpu's. It can take advantage of the built in Intel Graphics of the 2nd Gen Cpu's to help reduce costs and heat in the system. Configured and optimsed for use with Ableton Live software you will be able to start using your machine as soon as you open the box. We can supply your new Ableton LIVE or upgrade your existing version. Or, if you already have the current version we can install and configure it ready for use. You have a wide choice of upgrade options so this system can cater for all levels of users. If you upgrade the Cpu to a quad core we recommend choosing the Corsair A70 cpu cooler to help keep the system cool and maintain the low acoustics.


    • Ableton Live Music PC Main Highlights:
    • Asus P8H61-V Mainboard
    • Intel Core i3-2100 (upgrade to your choice of processor)
    • 2GB RAM as standard (Upgrade to your choice)
    • DVD Re-Writer
    • 500GB 7200 HDD
    • Configured and Optimisd for use with Ableton LIVE
    • Choose which Ableton or send us yours


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  10. Falcon LX17 Musician's Laptop

    Falcon LX17 Musician's Laptop

    From: £848.00

    To: £6,250.99

    The Falcon LX+ 17 Musician's Laptop from Music-PC is a professional notebook PC is optimised for music recording and editing. The Laptop chassis has been selected for its crystal clear display, its tough and durable build and its Intel chipset which supports the latest 6th generation of Intel's mobile processors and ensures compatibility with the widest possible range of audio devices.The Falcon LX17 Musician's Laptop ships with 4GB of super fast DDR3 Ram (upgradeable to 16GB). Plus it has, as standard a 500GB 7200rpm Hard drive and a genuine Intel i5 6300HQ quad core processor. Windows 10 is pre installed and optimised for music production. We are happy to install and configure any of your exising music software.

    You can customise your laptop with the options below and if the config you require is not listed please, call us or click the chat button below. our engineers can configure the laptop in anyway you desire!

    System highlights - see bottom of page for full specification


    • Supports Core i3, i5,i7 Processors
    • Latest intel chipset for 6th processor support 
    • 4 GB RAM Memory upgradeable to 16GB
    • 17'' High Definition PLUS LED Display
    • 3 x USB 3.0 and 1 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x E-SATA port, 1 x HDMI and 1 x VGA port, 1 x RJ-45 jack for 10/100/1000Mbps LAN
    • 1 x mSATA SSD Port
    • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n built-in WiFi adapter with bluetooth
    • Ideal for use with Avid Pro Tools 12, Cubase 8.5, Cakewalk Sonar, Ableton LIVE and more.
    • USB Ports provide compatibility with all good USB Audio Interfaces including MOTU, Steinberg, Native Instruments, Avid, M-Audio, Focusrite and more!


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