I3 Desktop

Built to the same exacting specifications as our studio machines, these systems offer professional performance and reliability at very low cost.

Pushing the boundaries of audio production in the home studio environment further still, our new Vortex i3 and  i5 music-pc systems deliver stunning performance and value to the computer musician, producer and DJ. Featuring Intel's all new H55 , P55 Chipsets and genuine Intel "I" series processors our Vortex series systems deliver the power to turn your musical ideas into reality faster than ever before!

    * High quality branded components
    * Extensively tested and configured
    * Great choice of optional upgrades
    * Industry leading customer support
    * Designed and built by computer audio specialists
    * Free VST Plugins
    * New IntelTMCore "I" series processors

Quieter, cooler, faster - our new breed of intel core I systems keep you ahead of the game!

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