We have been making music computers for professional musicians and producers since 1993. We have computers in recording studios all over europe and it's our dedication to customer satisfaction that keeps us at the top of our game. Here is some information about how we go about making a music computer worthy of the name Music-PC.

Music–PC Build Lifecycle

Our customers have very high standards and demand high performance computer audio systems that work perfectly from day one! To ensure our customers’ expectations are surpassed, we have implemented many quality control standards - and to ensure that each of these is met, each new PC Audio System must undergo numerous stages of design, testing and configuration before finally being signed-off by our chief technician and despatched to the customer.

Stage 1 – Conception

Before rushing in to finalise the PC specifications, we first assess the needs and budget of users in conjunction with current computer-audio trends. This allows us to tailor the systems to cater for up to the minute applications by specifying only the best performing and most reliable components within a given price range. As a result we have developed at least 3 machines in each range to cater for everyone who wants to make music, not just the professionals.

Stage 2 – System Specifications & Preliminary Testing

The information acquired in the conception stage is combined with extensive research into independent reviews and benchmark performance figures. This, combined with our 15 years of industry leading experience gives us an almost unrivalled ability to ensure that each system has all the features necessary to perform the task in hand and allows us to supply systems that will outperform their often-modest price tag.

Prior to the PCs going on sale we build and extensively test each system. This allows us to iron out any problems and conflicts that may occur and allows us to alter specifications accordingly. Each system undergoes benchmarking, SOAK (endurance) tests, audio tests, temperature tests and real world usage tests to ensure that our systems perform correctly.

Stage 3 – Receiving an Order

After our team of industry trained staff have assisted in matching the right system to your needs, the build process is initiated. Whether the order arrives over the web or the phone, the same degree of love and dedication goes into fabricating each and every Digital Audio Workstation.

Each system is completely flexible and configurable so if you want your entire audio software collection or audio/MIDI interface configured and installed when we build the system then we can do it. And what’s more it’s generally free of charge.

Stage 4 – The Build

Building a 'Music-pc.com' system is a unique process and is one of the reasons why we are the ONLY supplier of Digital Audio Workstations in the UK that has been building systems continuously for over fifteen years!

We allow around 14 working days for the build process so that systems are perfect and work right out the box. Due to some components being unavailable at the time of ordering, however, this occasionally can take longer.


Assembly: Engineers use the specification put together at the order stage to initiate the build. Every system is lovingly constructed and perfectly neat and tidy inside so that components can receive the correct amount of airflow and so nothing will come loose. In fact we pride ourselves on how different and neat our systems are.


Hardware Tests: Once all the components are assembled we run an extensive array of pre-windows hardware tests to enable us to find any problems and fix them before the system goes out to the customer. Memory, graphics, processor, motherboard and hard drive assessments are run thousands of times so the continuity of components can be assured. In conjunction with these solo tests each component is tested in relation to the other components so we can determine whether every part is interacting as it should.


BIOS Configuration: After a system is given the green light on the hardware tests, the computers BIOS will be configured for optimum audio performance.


Windows Installation: On completion of BIOS configuration, Windows installation can begin. Unlike so many competitors who let the customer install and set-up windows themselves, we ensure that it is extensively configured and optimised for audio usage right out the box. By applying over 30 check-listed different tricks and fixes we can make windows work far smoother and faster meaning that you will get much more reliable audio performance from your system.


Stress & Heat Testing: To ensure our PCs work as well under pressure as they do under normal conditions we use a program called Orthos™ in conjunction with a program called Core Temp™. This essentially allows us to push the computer harder than it will ever be pushed in any audio situation and allows us to directly monitor the resulting temperature increases directly at the heart of the processor (unlike other temperature tests that take an estimated reading and can cause hardware malfunction). The results of this will show how the system can cope with high performance situations and if the temperature readings are within safety margins. At the same time Orthos™ checks that the calculations the processor makes are correct by comparing its results against a table of perfect figures, so any discrepancies can be found and ironed out.


Audio Hardware Installation: More often than not audio problems are caused by incorrect installation, rather than malfunctioning components. We address this by professionally installing and configuring any audio hardware (new or old) at the time of build.


Audio Software Installation: It is also so often the case that audio software is incorrectly installed and configured although functional, it rarely performs as well as it should. By carefully installing and configuring audio software we can make it run much smoother and faster. VST instruments are professionally installed for optimum performance and VST sample based instruments (e.g. BFD, E-MU Emulator and Kontact etc) are installed onto a separate physical hard drive (if available) for uninterrupted, trouble-free use.


Input & Output Testing: Once the audio hardware and software is perfectly installed, we then begin the arduous process of testing every single input and output of the audio interface for any sonic anomalies (harmonic distortion, pops, clicks etc). We record various frequencies of SINE waves (the purest form of audio available) into every analogue input of the interface for at least 10 minutes, whilst constantly monitoring the recorded audio signal. This enables us to listen for any sonic discrepancies and also visually analyse the recordings by zooming in/out on the waveforms. Wordclock, MIDI and digital inputs/outputs are also tested.

Stage 5 – Sign-Off and Despatch

Upon completion of the build and configuration process and only when the testing stage is completed does the chief technician inspect the machine and test reports to ensure that everything has been done to standard. Once he is satisfied that this is the case the machine is signed-off as officially completed and is handed over to our despatch team.

Despatch will initially contact the customer to arrange a convenient delivery date. Computers are sent via Parcel Force 24 service and will arrive with you the next working day after despatch. To ensure everything arrives in perfect condition, we double- box each PC so that is “suspended” in special environmentally friendly bio-degradable packing chips to keep it safe and secure on its journey to you.

Our service does not end there. We are on hand every week-day from 10.00 am until 4.00pm to provide after-sales support for ALL our PC customers either by telephone or email.

We were all newcomers to PC audio systems at one time or another and we know that the first month can be the most frustrating whilst tackling the learning curve associated with any new piece of kit! That’s why we prefer to reserve telephone support for those customers who have received their PC in the last 30 days. After that we would ask you to send in any queries or comments via email to support@music-pc.com and we will answer within 24 hours.