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At Music Millennium we specialise in building audio computers for people involved in the music industry mainly producers and musicians. We have been building the computers for over a decade now and our audio computers can be found in professional studios, schools and bedrooms around the country all because of the fact that we offer best value for money combined with quality products.

We do not outsource any of the computer building so we do not have to pay any extra costs that can arise with third parties, as we are involved in the whole process of the building we know the system inside out and can always advise our client which upgrades are the best for their audio equipment.

With the computer we also sell all the peripherals including drum machines, headphones, keyboards and synthesizers.

We use all the top brands when putting together your computer with products from aardvark, Alesis and Maxtor to name but a few. Our Fostex Adat converter is perfect for people who use digital multi tracks and want the ability to be able to add extra inputs or outputs. A very useful extra if you are involved in live recordings.

Our apogee mini me converter is a portable reference unit and has a totally new design it can be interfaced directly with Audi computers through its universal serial bus connection, this truly is a professional audio solution with quality performance, it has multi trimmers and two microphone pre amps and a display that shows an accurate view of the headroom that is available to you.

In these blog pages we are going to attempt to bring you snap shots of various products and services we provide. We will not bog you down with technical specifications but will provide links to places where you can indulge in facts and figures should you wish.

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