DJ Computer

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Computers for DJs

We have the knowledge experience and equipment to help build you the DJ computer you need to aid you with your music production and digital editing and recording.

All our DJ computers are fitted with RAID technology and use dual core processors to allow for quicker actions from the processor also they have two hard drives that can run together or on their own one in case the other isn't functioning to its full capacity or running creating an instantaneous back up system.

When purchasing a DJ computer from us you know you are buying from people who are totally committed to quality products that offer reliability and value to our clients, we build all the computers ourselves and add all the associated DJ software that is needed to help you become a virtual DJ, add-ons which you can use to enhance your machine include drum machines, midi keyboards mixers and effects panels.

Our cube computer systems off value for money and are also a very stylish option. The internal system uses the Intel chipset so the reliability is as good as the top end machines we have available.

The computer uses serial ata for its physical storage, there is also an integrated LAN, the connections on the front of the computer can be used for both Firewire and USB data leads, and they are very useful if you are short on space for all your equipment.

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