New Small Footprint Mini ITX Digital Audio Workstations Now Available from

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Music-PC are proud to announce the first of a brand new range of ultra small computers to provide near silent 4th generation Intel processor performance with huge SSD capacity and Core i7 support. New from Music-PC is the Silent-Stone Series of Mini ITX computers that are incredibly small and quiet yet extremely powerful!

Now the beast of a computer doesn't need to take up your whole floor. No more will you need to clatter your knees against your computer as you pull up to your desk. Now your powerful Intel Core i7 powered DAW can sit on the shelf next to your monitor and take up no more room than a DVD case!

Our new powerful mini computers feature FULL socket 1150 processor support for all Intel's latest 4th generation CPU's so you get the power and the performance without the huge case and noise and the heat!

Our system here comprises 4GB DDR£ memory with 500GB 7200 RPM hard disk with Intel 13 processor at 3.6GHz. But you can easily upgrade the processor, the RAM and the HD to your choise and budget.

Don't think that this little brute won't be powerful. It's just as powerful as any desktop PC with the same processor

Our initial systems are based around the amazing range of Streacom MiniITX cases that are both compact and incredibly stylish with black or brushed aluminium finishes to choose from. See it HERE streacom_f1c_evo_silver_sidestreacom_f1c_evo

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