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Posted on March 4, 2008 by junowebdesign There have been 0 comments

If you require skilled technicians to build a studio computer to aid you in music production and digital editing then Millennium Music is here to help, for many years now we have been helping people to enhance their music with the aid of a computer.

A lot of people are adverse to adding computerised instruments and the such like to their recordings but one you have tried and tested them you will realise the limits are endless and you can do absolutely anything you want to your music, they are perfect for the DJ who wants to produce his own tracks from his bedroom and feel like he is in a studio.

We have lots of hardware that you can easily add to your computer to give it more of a studio feel. The aardvark direct is a combination of a sound card and a breakout box which will give you quality pre-amps to help with reverberations from monitors. Any effects placed through this piece of hardware go through the twenty four bit engine so they will not detract from the processors ability to run at optimal speed.

We would like to recommend to you the quiet dual core systems that we offer these beauties will soon be raising the standards for all studio computers. As there are two P4 processors on a single chip any tasks that the processors have to perform can be split between the two so that less heat is produced and the life of the computer is increased, the new technology in the chip ensures there is no trapping of data flow and it moves rapidly and in a constant flow.

If you want the best from your computer then we are more than happy to configure using raid technology this ensures the smooth functioning of the two hard drives working in unison.

Our dual cores are very quiet computers so you can have them in the studio where the vocals are being laid down for the tracks you are producing.

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