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  1. Vortex Extreme  Pro Tools 12 Music PC

    Vortex Extreme Pro Tools 12 Music PC

    From: £753.14

    To: £2,238.97

    Designed for the power-user who demands high quality audio with lightning fast processing our Vortex Extreme system is everything you need to create high quality productions using the world’s most popular audio production platform. The Vortex Extreme Music PC is based around the Asus P6P87-LE Motherboard Supporting the 2nd Generation Intel Core I3 , I5 and I7 cpu's. This makes it a good choice for Pro Tools users as the chips-set is ideal for this software. The mainboard also allows for processor speeds all the way up to the very latest Core i7 CPUs that will breeze through the toughest of recording sessions. We have allowed a wide choice of upgrade options to this system so you can customise it to cater for all levels of uses. If you choose to upgrade the CPU to a quad core we recommend choosing the Corsair A70 cpu cooler to help keep the system cool and maintain the low acoustics.


    • Stylish Quiet Tower Case
    • Choice of Intel™ i5 and i7 Processor’s
    • 4GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM Upgradeable to 8GB
    • Asus P8Z77-V Mainboard to ensure maximum compatibility with audio devices and software
    • Dual Layer SATA DVD+- Writer
    • 500GB SATA System Hard Drives Upgradeable to 1TB
    • Choice of Protools 10 Compatible Audio interfaces
    • Ati Radeon HD 5450 Graphics VGA , DVI and HDMI
    • Windows™ 7 Home Premium Pre-Installed and configured for music production
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  2. Sonar Extreme Digital Audio Workstation

    Sonar Extreme Digital Audio Workstation

    From: £834.15

    To: £3,014.98

    Our Vortex Extreme Music Computer configured for use with Cakewalk Sonar X2. Built to exacting standards and tested in real-world situations our Vortex Extreme Music PC delivers excellent proformance to the more discerning computer musician. Choose from a wide range of options listed below to customise the system to your requirements. our engineers will build and test your machine to very highest standards so that you can start to make music without any of the headaches of installing software and configuring drivers! All of our machines are built for those who to get on with making music rather than tweeking settings! Sonar Extreme Digital Audio Workstation Features:


    • Excellent Coolermaster Silenceo case as standard
    • Robust Asus P8P67 LE Mainboard
    • Intel Core i5-2300 2.8ghz Processor (upgradeable)
    • Geild Tranquillo Super-Quiet CPU cooler
    • 4GB DDR3 system memory (upgradeable)
    • 500GB HDD (upgradeable)
    • Your choice of Cakewalk Sonar X2 Pre-installed and configured (includes box and manuals)
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  3. Sonar Digital Audio Workstation

    Sonar Digital Audio Workstation

    From: £469.14

    To: £2,531.96

    Vortex I3-2120  3.3Ghz Dual Core, 2GB DDR3, 500Gb Hdd, Windows 7

    Our Vortex I3-2120 System configured and ready to use with your choice of Cakewalk Sonar X2 Music production software. Built to the same exacting specifications as our high-end studio computers our Vortex systems offer professional performance and reliability at a lower cost. Sonar X2 is a 64bit application and so Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit is advised in the options list below. All software and hardware will be expertly pre-installed and optimised for music production by our technician along with any music software you send or purchase. Want more power choose from the options below including faster CPU's and bigger hard drives.


    • Intel I3-2120 3.3Ghz Dual Core Processor (upgradeable)
    • Configured and Optimised for use with Sonar X1
    • 2GB DDR3 Memory
    • DVD ReWriter
    • 500GB SATA HDD
    • Windows 7 Installed & Configured for music production
    • Your choice of Sonar X2 version.
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