Our Guarantee

We absolutely guarantee that your new machine will perform as specified. Our engineers will take time to ensure that all of your chosen software and hardware are installed, tested and performing as they should.

Your hardware is guaranteed against failure for a period of one year. However, some manufacturers provide a 3 Year limited warranty on their products, this normally applies to hard drives, monitors, some grahics cards and some motherboards and we are happy to pass on the benefits of these warranties to you.If unsure please check at the time of ordering which components have the extra warranty. Your software configuration is guaranteed to be properly configured at the time of delivery. If when you first use your machine, feel you have a problem with your software configuration then please contact our technicians who will attempt to solve any issues over the telephone or log-in to your machine remotely (internet connection required) to diagnose and fix the problem. If this fails then we can restore your machine to its original configuration using the back-up image. If all else fails we will collect the machine as per the hardware warranty below.


During the first year, if your machine develops a hardware fault we will:


    • Send our courier to collect your machine on an agreed date from an agreed location at our expense. (Please enclose all software that was originally supplied with the machine.)
    • Replace any faulty hardware.
    • If re-installation of the operating system is required then we will restore the machine to its factory configuration as it was when you first received it.
    • We will then retest the machine as if it were a new order and despatch it back to you on an agreed date.
  2. NB:

    Please make sure the machine is packaged properly. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to computers that have been packaged improperly.

    Please ensure that you always backup your data. We will not be held responsible for any loss of data while the machine is with us.

    We will not perform any work on any machine (whether under warranty or not) while it carries any illegally installed software. This will be removed prior to any work being carried out.

    The software configuration on your machine is guaranteed for thirty days from the day you receive the machine provided that no other software or hardware has been added to the system that might have interfered with the factory configuration.